Why does downloading use more data than the actual size of the file? ( 100% genuine answer )

 What is the reason behind consumption of more data while downloading a movie than what the actual file size is?

When you go to download a file, why does it cost more MB to download than the size of the file? The size of a file is 5mb. When you are downloading that file, you have to spend 7mb to download. If you have such questions in your mind, you must comment. If you continue to complete this post, you will understand the whole thing.

Why do torrents download so much more data than the actual file size?

When you want to download a file. The size of that file can be different, such as 1mb to 100GB can be more. And what you are downloading is not only when downloading files, but also when downloading any video photos, games, apps, etc. You will notice one thing- Why is excess data consumed while downloading? If the size of the thing you are downloading is 5mp, then internet and 5MB are required. But here it is going to 7mb.


Why the internet is being used more?

Now find out the real reason

When you want to download something, you search it in any browser or wherever you search. Then you get the result. Then you click on the download option. When you click on the download option that you are downloading. That file can be photo video or something else then the file is connected to the server on which it is located. The internet costs more to stay connected to the server. And this process is very fast so we or you do not understand.

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