Why is Netflix so popular? 2023 (The secret Truth)

How to success Netflix

Whether it is a person or a company, there are different people behind its development. Nowadays ott platforms are improving a lot. One of them is Netflix. The story of Netflix’s success is not an easy one. With hard work and the help of different people in this place today.

The number of Netflix subscribers is increasing day by day. You will not be able to watch any contact for free on Netflix. We can use the first month for free and from the next month you have to take the plan of your choice Why is Netflix so popular

Netflix was created in 1997. This is an American Best Company.Netflix success strategy 

Netflix’s first business is DVD. In the old days, movies were shown on CD cassettes or DVD cassettes. Netflix rented DVD players. You could rent a DVD player and cassette from Netflix. Then slowly move towards the streaming platform.

Joined television in 2007. Streaming + television would reach these two people. In 2010 only streaming service was kept. Then the name Netflix gradually spread around the world. And Netflix users continue to grow. In 2016, Netflix spread to 190 countries. In 2018, there are 130 million Netflix users.

Since 2013, Netflix has been creating its own web series, TV series, movies, shows. Netflix’s algorithm is very good, which means that the type of series or movie you are watching shows you exactly another type of movie.

The biggest hand behind Netflix’s success is the lockdown. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as more and more movie theaters have been shut down during the worldwide lockdown.

Netflix success and failures 

You can share your Netflix account with your friends or your family members. Standard and premium for you to share These types of plans have to be selected. If you want to share your Netflix account for free. If you do not know how to share you know.

As a result, Netflix’s growth is very fast. You can download any kind of series or movie on Netflix if you want. But you can’t find that downloaded file and you can’t share that file with anyone.

You will not get this feature if you use it from the Netflix website. You need to download the Netflix app on your mobile. If you have downloaded the Netflix app on your mobile, you can turn off the internet and watch the video later.

Netflix users in India 2023 

Now you can watch series or movies in different languages ​​on Netflix. English, Hindi, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, etc. You will also find many types of languages. Netflix currently has 4.6 million Indian users. And there are 195 million users worldwide.

Another company behind the success of Netflix in India is Geo Company. When Geo Company first came to the market, it provided the lowest cost of internet, which meant that all companies had to pay the lowest price.

What is the story of Netflix

Netflix has made a name for itself in a number of series and movies.

Stranger things

Bojack Horseman


Speaking of the Indian series-

Sacred games

Netflix’s name spread around the world for more different types of series and movies. The rate was very high when Netflix first launched the streaming service. I had to pay 500 to 800 rupees per month. But now you can choose plans from 199 to 799. If you want to watch ultra-HD or 4k TV then you have a wide range. If you want to watch videos in HD then you can watch for 199 rupees per month.

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