YouTube spam comments problems 2023 (danger)

 what is YouTube spam comments

Why this user comments everywhere like 0:32

That comments with very bad links this channel comments on every single new video that’s uploaded to YouTube. 

They commented this scam link they put at time stamp in the video and then they also out weird link to or something like that.

 Do not click this link okay i want to say that right now do not click this link..

because you have no idea what it does it probably grabs your ip or something

 and we’re going to look into that in this post 



 I got a comment from someone which is kind of weird and so i looked at it and i saw oh

 Emma menard commented 0:10 and then a link so if you click on 0:10 it just like redirects to a certain part in the video.

 so i don’t know why they do that maybe it’s to show that the comment is about the video so it’s not spam and it tricks YouTube..

but then they comment a link and so they’re expecting people to click on this link and it’s for very bad reasons so we’re going to look into that.

 so first i want to look at the youtuber themselves emma menard they have four subscribers and this is the information that i want okay.

 they joined 26 February 2021 which shows that they’ve been at this for like less than a month so it is a new channel that is doing comment bot stuff.

 and if you look at the discussion page this is very interesting i guess this counts that you are going to look at their channel

 and go to this discussion page because they put every single link that they use in all their comments spam.

 so you can see that they put the timestamp for the video even though this is on their channel page so there’s no video.

  so they put the timestamp as well as the link to the scam channel right as well as the link to the scam you know their scam link

 and this goes on like they commented this a lot there’s so many comments just randomly on here and they’re all from like a week ago two weeks ago as well as a few days ago there’s even a 20 hours ago one so these are all of Their scam links.




YouTube spam comments 

  we have so they have a lot of different things 0:20 0:43 1:23 0:55 0:21

Vor.rim 0:54 0:54 0:32 0:54  0:21

Voz.fyl etc

and this is basically for scamming you so don’t click on it again now i don’t know why they would put it in their discussion page maybe this is like every time they want to do some comment bots.

 they like test their bot out in their own comment section maybe and so i tried to search this into google i put and then site so it searches only YouTube for this link 

and this is what came up about a thousand results some of these videos are about the scam right 

but some of them have actually like the comments on them which is cool.

 so then i wanted to look into it further and i found this video which is like it’s a site that sort of copies YouTube videos called kz clip.

basically it just takes the video from YouTube i don’t know it’s kind of weird it embeds the YouTube video.

 and it acts like YouTube which is kind of weird and it archives everything that was on the video at the time so it has comment bot spams emma mernard

 How to check spam comments on YouTube

what are you doing here as well as a different one cary herta

now if you go to this video on YouTube alright so now here is the video itself and if you look in the comments they’re in the video from five days ago they’re all here and here we have now a link to another one we have

emma who’s here right but now we have Carrie so we have both of them now here’s another comment bot and let’s see if they do the same thing in the discussion yep i expected that they do the same thing spamming their own link as well as they were created within the month like within the last month that’s very interesting.

 let’s look at some more so i wanted to like search for a YouTube video so i did a bunch of different searches I searched for YouTube i searched for funny and i searched for funny video just generic searches but with each search I changed the upload date to last hour because again these comment bots seem to be commenting on every single new video you know a new video with not many views because on bigger youtubers they just get flooded and no one can see them as well as they get deleted by the youtubers themselves right.

 so i found one which is a dog video this one see it was uploaded around 40 minutes ago and it has 150 views but if you look at it no comments except for two of them are the scam comments from different users no emma no carry these are different users right.

now let’s look at one of them all right so looking at this one i don’t know how to say that name if you go to the about section you can see they were created on the exact same day as the other ones hmm that’s interesting if you go to the discussion page you can see that they commented just like the other ones on their own discussion page

all of their links every single one and there’s like a lot of them they just keep commenting over and over with different time stamps as well so that shows how many spam comments they have put on YouTube so many like oh my god here’s another one revca pairs they were they joined march 14th 2021 which is a different day

which so it’s actually a lot dang that’s today they joined just today so this is a newer bot and as you can see because they’re a newer bot they only have three comments on their discussion page which shows us that if one of their

channels gets terminated they’re just gonna make another so this is gonna be a never ending thing on YouTube and there’s really no way for YouTube to combat it because you know the comments get deleted because they’re spam and then they get terminated but then you know these people just open up another one it’s not like they need

subscribers or anything like the other comment bots we covered these ones just spam links so what are these links now we’re in the point of the video where we try and bust the scam well i told you not to click on these links and so I’m not going to click on these links.



 basically nothing will happen if you open it that’s what they say don’t do it just in case okay like they might they could grab your ip maybe so don’t do it just don’t click basically this person said that it’s a

scam dating site that tries to trick you into entering your credit card information no malware downloaded no compromise passwords but again you really don’t know that if they’re scamming your credit card information they might be trying to like you know install some bad things on

your computer could be a virus website so again don’t click it just in case you know and if you have clicked it run an antivirus you’ll probably be okay like this person’s saying but

 you know play it safe of course so the reason why all these comment bots exist all on all of these videos like that reddit post said is for money they’re mass commenting on YouTube to scam you into joining this like fake dating site to get your credit card information and steal your money they’re great comment bots pretty dangerous honestly

 so if you see them report the account as spam as well as scams right scams because they’re scamming your credit cards so yeah just thought i would cover that and shed some light on it don’t click it never click on it.

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