Does Hyundai Give Loaner Cars

Yes, Hyundai does offer loaner cars under certain conditions. Loaner cars, also known as courtesy vehicles, are provided to customers who bring their cars in for service or repairs that will take an extended amount of time. Here’s a detailed overview of how and when Hyundai provides loaner cars:

Hyundai Loaner Car Program


Warranty Repairs: If your Hyundai vehicle is under warranty and requires repairs that will take more than a few hours or needs to be kept overnight, many Hyundai dealerships will provide a loaner car. This is especially common for major warranty repairs.

Extended Repairs: If your car is undergoing extended repairs or maintenance work that cannot be completed the same day, you may also be eligible for a loaner car.

Scheduled Maintenance: Some dealerships offer loaner cars for scheduled maintenance services, although this is more common for major services rather than routine oil changes.


Dealership Discretion: The availability of loaner cars can vary by dealership. Some dealerships have a larger fleet of loaner vehicles, while others may have limited availability.

Reservation: It is advisable to check with your local Hyundai dealership in advance and reserve a loaner car if you know your vehicle will be in for service.


Free of Charge: For warranty repairs, loaner cars are typically provided free of charge. However, this can vary by dealership, so it’s important to confirm with your specific service provider.

Deposits or Insurance: Some dealerships may require a deposit or proof of insurance before providing a loaner car. Make sure to ask about any requirements or additional costs when you schedule your service appointment.

Insurance and Liability

Customer Responsibility: When you receive a loaner car, you are usually responsible for it as if it were your own vehicle. This includes adhering to any mileage limits, maintaining the car’s condition, and ensuring you have adequate insurance coverage.

Insurance Coverage: Verify with your dealership whether your existing auto insurance policy covers loaner vehicles or if you need to purchase additional coverage.

Customer Service Programs

Hyundai Assurance: Hyundai’s customer service program, Hyundai Assurance, emphasizes convenience and support for customers, which often includes the provision of loaner cars during extended service visits.

Steps to Obtain a Loaner Car

  • Schedule Service: When scheduling your service appointment, inquire about the availability of loaner cars.
  • Confirm Eligibility: Verify that your situation qualifies for a loaner car, whether it’s for warranty repairs or extended maintenance.
  • Reserve in Advance: If possible, reserve a loaner car ahead of your service date to ensure availability.
  • Understand Terms: Ask about any specific terms, such as mileage limits, deposit requirements, and insurance needs.
  • Pick Up and Return: When you drop off your car for service, you’ll typically sign an agreement for the loaner car. Ensure you understand the return conditions and return the loaner on time.


Hyundai generally provides loaner cars to customers for warranty repairs and extended service visits. Availability and policies can vary by dealership, so it’s important to communicate with your local Hyundai service center to understand the specifics. By planning ahead and confirming details, you can ensure a smoother and more convenient experience while your Hyundai is being serviced.

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